Exterior Wooden Windows

10 Steps to an ultra premium finish

Restoring and painting the exterior of wooden windows is a specialised job and is an area we have researched extensively . We continue to evolve our system as new as new products are developed.

Exterior timber windows are one of the most time consuming and hence expensive areas of the house to paint and maintain. An average job here and you could be revisiting those areas for rework  in perhaps 2 or 3 years time. Even worse, water ingress into the wood could lead to rot which occurs without being noticed until it is often well established.

August 2018 - Our current system for ultimate long lasting protection involves careful preparation, and application of  products what we believe are the best and most durable for the job.

1. Clean all surfaces to remove surface contaminants..

2. Ensure all sashes open and close freely and hinges are working and in sound condition. Replace hinges and ease sashes as necessary.

3. Strip unsound coatings back to bare timber and sand. Sand sound coatings to ensure a good 'key' for the undercoat.

4. Carry out rot repairs and any preventative work on open mitres and joints using Repaircare premium wood repair system

5. Hack out loose and cracked putty, and prime the rebate. Reglaze with Repaircare Dryseal or Timberbuild Timberglaze on the bottom rail and 100mm up the sides as a minimum. These products are permanently elastic glazing compounds that seal out water and  will never crack or shrink. Standard glazing compound  may be used in other areas or the whole job can be done with the elastic sealant if required..

6. Apply Resene Timberlock, a timber preservative,  to aged bare timber to fortify and bind the wood fibre and provide mould resistance.

7. Apply Zinsser Coverstain an oil based primer/sealer to Timberlocked areas and over glazing compound forming a seal of usually 2 - 3mm onto the glass.

8. Apply a premium acrylic primer undercoat ( eg Dulux 1Step prep) to all areas.

9. Apply two full coats of premium acrylic paint to all exposed areas of the window. We recommend Wattyl Solaguard, as with a 15 year guarantee, we believe is the longest lasting exterior acrylic paint on the market.

10. Apply one coat of waterborne enamel to the opening sash edges and the frame rebates. These areas are subject to contact/blocking  and as such need a hard wearing enamel finish so the paint does not bind or  rub off.