High quality decorating services

Do you live in Auckland and want a high quality paint job, carried out by experienced tradesmen using the best products available?

  • We are members of the Auckland Painting Contractors Association and are registered Master Painters
  • We tailor each job individually, whether a high end restoration or carrying out maintenance work on a rental property.We discuss your painting project, listen to your requirements, look at different options and make recommendations
  • We provide a written quote detailing all aspects of the job -  from preparation steps through to the type and number of coats of paint to be applied
  • We carry out all work in a careful tradesman-like manner
  • We only use and recommend premium products so that your job will look great and last
  • We regularly communicate with you as the project progresses, so that you will get the results you expect
  • We have excellent knowledge of the best products to use on each surface and how to apply them skillfully, so that you get a superior finish and one that lasts

Please click here to arrange for a free quote, or just phone us on 0800 217 246.